• Traditional Funeral Service and Cremation

    A traditional funeral service generally means there will be a period for mourning following a death in the family. There will usually be arrangements for a public viewing of the deceased, and a public funeral service will be held at either a church or a funeral home.

    As families contemplate cremation as an option, many people decide the personalized traditional funeral provides their family tremendous value. It gives families and friends an opportunity to celebrate the life that has been lived. The traditional funeral with cremation provides all the services of the traditional funeral service with the addition of cremation prior to final disposition.

    While the traditional funeral service as described above is based on historic area practices and public sensitivity, these services can be modified or adjusted to meet special needs or to stay within a predefined financial limit.


  • Cremation with Memorial Service

    A cremation with a memorial service provides a flexible option for families because the memorial service may be held when it is most convenient for the family. The cremated remains need not be present at the actual memorial service. However, many families choose to have the remains present for the service. This provides a way to honor the memory of a loved one with stories, photos, songs, and literary or religious readings. The tribute can be as personalized to fit the needs of the family by choosing appropriate music and program content that your loved one would appreciate.


  • Direct Cremation

    Direct cremation services offers families a low cost option for cremations. More and more often, families are choosing cremation. Whatever reason you may have for choosing cremation, if you are uncomfortable with a funeral home or church setting you may decide to have a celebration in honor of your loved one in your home. Perhaps the cost of a traditional burial will effect your decision on the type of service you select. For whatever reason, you may choose to have direct cremation services without all the frills and expense of a traditional burial. Whichever avenue you choose, we will provide your family with care and understanding.


  • Funeral Receptions

    A reception meal is an integral part of many funeral services. In the past, the traditional funeral reception was almost exclusively hosted in the home of the family. Most families prefer to have a reception meal after the services at the cemetery. During this informal gathering families greet those in attendance. These luncheon receptions are held at the church, community building or a restaurant.