• Traditional Funeral Service

    A traditional service usually involves a viewing of the deceased in a casket prior to the actual funeral service. The viewing can take place the evening before the funeral or just prior to the funeral service or at both times. A viewing is not required, however, so you may choose an arrangement that does not include a viewing, such as a closed casket funeral or direct burial. Following the funeral service, friends and family usually drive to the cemetery in procession. The body is then interred in the cemetery or entombed in a mausoleum. The pallbearers place the casket above the grave and family and friends gather for a short service conducted at the graveside or in the mausoleum.


  • Graveside Funeral Service

    A graveside service can be conducted as part of a traditional funeral service as described above or by itself. This type of service alone does not involve any sort of formal service prior to the gathering of family and friends at the cemetery. A viewing can be held prior to the graveside service either at our funeral homes, a place of worship or a suitable location of your choice.


  • Immediate Burial

    Immediate burial does not involve any sort of formal funeral service. After interment in a cemetery, a memorial service can be held to commemorate the life of the deceased.


  • Funeral Receptions

    A reception meal is an integral part of many funeral services. In the past, the traditional funeral reception was almost exclusively hosted in the family's home. Many people prefer to hold the event in a public restaurant or hall. Additionally, the family's home church may also be available to provide a meal. The reception meal is generally held at noon on the day of the funeral services.