• If I made pre-arrangements with another funeral home, can I transfer them?

      This is a question that is asked quite frequently. The answer is "yes." It is as simple as contacting us. We will get the paperwork for you to sign to make the transfer. You don't have to contact the other funeral home. We will do everything for you.

    • Does pre-funding help save money for my family? How does it work?

      We place your money in an insurance policy or funeral trust. This allows us to secure the costs of the funeral in today's prices, and you and your family will never see an increase in the cost of the funeral. Essentially, we are locking in today's prices, and you and your loved ones need not be concerned about the effects of inflation.

    • I want to make pre-arrangements, but I'm not financially able to pre-pay at this time. What should I do?

      You are on the right track. You've made the important decision to pre-plan your funeral. Your family will appreciate that they will not have to determine the type and cost of your funeral service. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to pay any money when you pre-arrange your services. Some people set up a payment plan based on their budget. We help others organize their personal records so we get a true picture of their life insurance policies and what funds are available. Others elect to pay for the funeral services all at one time. Basically, it is your decision. We will work closely with each family based on its specific situation and individual needs.

    • Is it true that Social Security will pay toward funeral expenses?

      The answer to this question varies from person to person. For people who qualify, Social Security will pay up to $255 to the surviving spouse only. This amount is paid to the family; not the funeral home. It is our policy to file all the necessary documents (death certificates, insurance claim forms, and Social Security notification) for the family, so they are not burdened with this paperwork. Then we will assist the family in determining what amount Social Security will pay.

    • If I am a veteran, what is my family entitled to at the time of my death?

      When requested by the family, the basic Military Funeral Honors ceremony is conducted for a deceased veteran. It includes the playing of "Taps" and the folding and presentation of the United States flag to the veteran's family. A bugler may play "Taps" or, if a bugler is not available, a recorded version of "Taps" will be played. Also, veterans who qualify are entitled to a grave marker supplied by the Department of Veteran Affairs. To establish veteran eligibility, a family needs to provide the DD Form 214 to us. This form is the certificate of release or discharge from active duty. If a family does not have this form, we can obtain one for them.

    • Why has it become so commonplace for people to pre-pay for their monument?

      Monuments have historically increased in cost every year, and in some years the cost increases have been significant. By pre-purchasing a monument, today's prices are guaranteed. This savings, and the fact that a monument has been selected, considerably eases the burdens carried by the family at a most difficult time.