• Dickens Family Funeral Home is honored to serve the veteran and military community.

    Research has shown that many veterans do not receive all the benefits that they are entitled to. With just a telephone call to us, we will handle all the details. We can handle every detail of making burial and cremation arrangements for veterans. This includes our answering questions about military protocol, assuring that legal requirements are met, and providing whatever equipment, facilities, and technical services that may be needed. We will help you in obtaining all veterans’ benefits available, social security benefits and life insurance.

    It is important that you know that all veterans, and possibly their spouses and children, are entitled to free cemetery spaces, grave opening/closing, grave liner and headstone at any VA cemetery.

    We take our responsibility to you very seriously. It is helpful to consider all your options and take time to ask questions before making final decisions about such an important event. It is our intent to help make the entire experience as positive as possible.