• There are several pre-planning decisions to consider if your family chooses cremation. Will there be a service for viewing the deceased before cremation? A wake or visitation time can be arranged with a funeral home just as they are for burial or entombment. Although a casket is not required for cremation, if a viewing is chosen before the cremation, a casket can be rented or one that is combustible can be purchased for the cremation. Few crematories will accept plastic or fiberglass caskets.

    Cremation can be considered as an end in itself, and Kansas law makes no specific requirements for the disposition of cremated remains after the process is complete. Nevertheless, most families feel the remains should have a final resting place that can be identified with names and dates. This is called memorialization. Urns are available for permanent containment of the cremated remains.

    Our staff will be happy to explain the many options available to families who choose cremation.